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Book Review: Dollars and Common Sense: Taking Charge of Your Investments in the Tumultuous 21st Century by Peter G. Andresen

You can revise your spending habits and become financially fit by following Andresen’s 10 commandments of investing. Read More »

The Triple The Debt Theory

How much has Obama spent? Is it really triple the national debt? Read More »

Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal

Obama's 2013 budget defeated 414-0. Read More »

Date Activities for Budget Crunchers

Fun places to go on a date without breaking the bank. Read More »

Stimulus is Not a Four Letter Word

His economic stimulus plan worked, so why is President Obama afraid to say so? Especially when we need another one. Read More »

Congress Prepares for Absurd Failure on Debt Ceiling

It's time to start acting like grown-ups, make serious proposals and work out compromises which give up more than either side wants for the good of the people and the nation. Read More »

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

It's possible the Harvard economics department is responsible for America's economic mess; There are more than 70 Harvard alumni (including some faculty) in this administration. But Obama blames Bush, a Yalie. Read More »

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Stop Talking About the Texas State Legislature…

Texas Legislature Moving to Special Session Read More »

Budget: What Budget?

A budget or the lack of a budget is an elephant in the living room of a business. Read More »

What if we Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling?

The only way to stop Congress and the executive branch from spending is to take away the money. Read More »