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A-Rod Unleashed – It’s Him Against the Baseball World

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As for now the plot seems a bit of a stretch, sort of like something out of the Da Vinci Code. Can we imagine that the New York Yankees and MLB colluded to rid baseball of A-Rod? Read More »

Major League Baseball to Implement Instant Replay Challenge – Why It’s Not Good for the Game


All of you MLB fans who longed for this moment, be careful what you wished for. Read More »

A-Rod, Braun, Bonds and Company – Nothing But The Hall of Infamy Awaits Them

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A-Rod and all the stars who dared to take a syringe to their buttocks in name of performance cared little about the kids who love the game. They cared nothing about setting an example, about playing clean for the love of the game because they don’t love the game. Read More »

Alex Rodriguez’s PED Conspiracy Theory

The question is where is A-Rod now? My guess is that you would have an easier time finding Waldo. Read More »

All-Star Game 2012: Baseball’s Mid-Summer Classic is a Lead Zeppelin

There is more hot air pumped into this basically meaningless game than the Goodyear Blimp. Read More »

MLB Announces Expanded Playoffs for This Year

By expanding the playoffs to include ten teams, the idea is to no doubt push the playoffs to a longer (and more lucrative) format. Read More »

Braun Free Pass on Technicality Is Bad for Baseball

The problem here is not that a guy got past the process for the first time after being ruled a violator, but with the guy who got the pass. Read More »

Hope Springs Eternal for Old Brooklyn Dodgers Fans

So, for the record, Brooklyn Dodgers fans, your team is not coming home. Read More »

Commissioner Bud Selig Talks About Expanding Playoffs and Realignment

The off field news is actually bigger than the on field news at the All-Star Game. Read More »

All-Star Home Run Derby More Fun than the Game

Let's face it - many stars don't even want to go to the game even when they are voted in. Read More »