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Only the Good Die Young: 7 Stars Who Died at 27

Image via Flickr by Roland Tanglao

It's a sad fact that many great artists died too soon through untimely tragedies or the consequences of bad habits. Was there any way these stars could have turned things around? Read More »

Book Review: ’27: A History Of The 27 Club’ by Howard Sounes


A fascinating, mostly even-handed new book looks at rock's most exclusive fraternity of tragedy, and its six most famous members. Read More »

Book Review: Rolling Stones 50 X 20, Edited by Chris Murray

Rolling Stones 50 X 20 captures the essence of what gave the Rolling Stones their bad boy reputation and the joy they continue to take in playing the music they love. Read More »

Interview: Bill Wyman – The Legendary Bassist on The Rhythm Kings (Part Two)

In Part Two, Wyman discusses choosing material, his approach to playing bass, and some of his perceived technical limitations. Read More »

Interview: Bill Wyman – The Legendary Bassist on The Rhythm Kings (Part One)

The former Rolling Stones bassist discusses the Rhythm Kings, the material he chooses to record, and his approach to playing bass. Read More »

Making Sense of Amy Winehouse And The 27s Tragedy

Sex and drugs and rock and roll and...death. Stop Making Sense. Read More »

DVD Review: The Rolling Stones – 1969 – 1974: The Mick Taylor Years

Very good documentary about the five years Mick Taylor spent as a Rolling Stone. Read More »

Music DVD Review: The Rolling Stones – Rare and Unseen

The rare and rarely seen Rolling Stones. Read More »

Eric Clapton And Jeff Beck: The Death of a Musical Revolution

A dirge, without music, for the last of the piss and spit, rock and roll rivalries. Read More »

The Death of Brian Jones, the First Rock Star

After 40 years, the mystery of the death of the Rolling Stones' original leader may finally be put to rest. Read More »