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Music Review: Busman’s Holiday – ‘A Long Goodbye’

Busman's Holiday - A Long Goodbye album cover

For me, this album has a strong claim on album of 2014 so far. Read More »

Music Review: Christiaan Virant – Fistful of Buddha

Christiaan Virant's solo debut is a remarkable synthesis of Eastern and Western ambient music. Read More »

Music Review: Can – The Lost Tapes

Overlooked tapes from an overlooked band offer a deep look into the creative process. Read More »

Music Review: Christian Fennesz – AUN: The Beginning and the End of All Things Soundtrack

Christian Fennesz delivers an excellent electro-acoustic soundtrack. Read More »

Music Review: Jim Coleman – Trees

This is what a tree might sound like if it was composed to music. Read More »

Music Review: Can – The Lost Tapes

Nearly three hours of previously unreleased Can music. Read More »

Music Review: Joachim Nordwall – Ignition

An ambient work that defies description. Read More »

Twenty Years Later, Its Achtung Baby All Over Again

Sunglasses not required. Read More »

Music Review: U2 – Achtung Baby (Super Deluxe Edition)

While "Achtung Baby" still retains its brilliance, I am not sure for whom the Super Deluxe Edition is intended. Read More »

Music Review: Big Robot & Conrad Schnitzler – Horror Odyssee

Sonic anarchy: that’s what Schnitzler’s music can be. It can also be near-dead calm, underpinned with symphonic serenity. Read More »