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Five Trends in Healthcare and Product Diagnostics


A greater emphasis is being placed on early detection diagnostics, which can save lives and enhance the number of people who can access quality affordable healthcare. Read More »

Stranger Danger: “Help” Offered by Roadside Men


It's best to decline a helping hand from someone licking yellow cheese puff dust off his fingers. Read More »

Green Tea Studied for Effect of Extract on Breast Cancer Progression


A preliminary study shows a compound found in green tea extract may have a beneficial effect on "some biomarkers of cancer progression." Read More »

Angelina Jolie Reveals Double Mastectomy – Will Her Bravery Help Redefine What Is Beautiful?


Not one to seem to be held down by standards, Ms. Jolie is now setting new ones. Read More »

Book Review: Hearing His Whispers: A Journey Through Cancer and Divorce by Lauren Miller

An inspirational story based on Lauren miller's battle with breast cancer. Read More »

Book Review: You Are the Best Medicine by Julie Aigner Clark

A delicate story about a mom who explains her breast cancer treatment to her young daughter. Read More »

Book Review: Defending Happiness: And Other Acts of Bravery by Amy Shea

Erma Bombeck meets Ally McBeal. Read More »

Study Suggests Soy Products Prevent Breast Cancer

Studies have been done offering a different prospective on soy products and how they may aid in healing and prevention. Read More »

Book Review: Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C by Meg Stafford

Living that happens during breast cancer treatment. Read More »

Book Review: March Forth: My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer by Marci A. Schmitt

Marci A. Schmitt takes us inside her eye-opening journey with breast cancer. Read More »