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Book Marketing from Prison: How to Sell Books While Incarcerated

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Book marketing in the world outside of prison is fairly straightforward. The author writes a book, ideally has the foresight to build an author platform in the process, and then uses the platform and other tools to market their book once it is published. These other tools often consist of a snazzy website, writing commitments at relevant and visible publications, ... Read More »

Free Books on Amazon?

Listing your book on Amazon for free is gyping yourself. Read More »

Sharks, Dolphins, and Snails: What Type of Independent Author Are You?

Fortunes rise and fall like the endless swell of waves. Read More »

Self-Publishing: 70% of Nothing is Nothing

New authors need to research their options before deciding on self-publishing, unless they don't want to sell any books. Read More »

Book Review: Frugal and Focused Tweeting for Retailers by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

If you don’t quite ‘get’ what Twitter is all about, your doubts will be clarified after reading this little crash course on the art of tweeting. Read More »

A Book is Born: Reflections of a First Time Author

The inner-life of a first-time author waiting for her first book to hit the stands. Read More »

Waiting for D-Day: Will Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Be a Mega-Hit?

Sept. 15 is almost here - will Dan Brown's latest book save the book industry? Read More »

Interview with Richard Aaron, Author of Gauntlet

“...I want my reader to know how the great Garagum Desert feels, what it’s like to fly an Apache LongBow, or an F-18.” Read More »

Interview with K.M. Daughters, Authors of Beyond the Code of Conduct

"Our dad wrote children’s stories for us. We inherited the writing bug from him." Read More »

Historical Fiction Author Kathye Quick Talks Books and How American Idol Became Inspiration for New Novel

"...I work for the government full time until I either win a Pulitzer or get a movie deal. It could happen." Read More »