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DVD Review: Retreat (2011)

A decent, low-budget suspense flick that should warrant a viewing. Read More »

Join BC for a Live Chat Following the House, M.D. Season Premiere!

Join Blogcritics after the House, M.D. season premiere airs Monday night for a live chat! Read More »

Interview with Nicole Weaver, Author of My Birthday is September Eleven and Other Short Stories

Nicole Weaver writers trilingual books for children. Read More »

Obama Creates his own Propaganda Department to Counter Unfavorable Stories

The New Ministry of Truth. Read More »

Lisa Edelstein Leaving Role on House

Lisa Edelstein leaving House, M.D. Read More »

Turmoil in Tucson Schools over Mexican-American Studies Course

La Raza indoctrination. Read More »

The Left Joins Radical Muslims to Mourn Osama Bin Laden as a Martyr, Al Qaeda Threatens Revenge

Useful idiots. Read More »

Obama “Remarkably Out of His Depth”

Stating the obvious. Read More »

Blogcritics – Harder Than It Looks

Blogcritics Intimidates Me Read More »

Of Cats, Blogging, Viral Video, and Stuff

Cats are supposed to be agile, chilled, self-possessed creatures of mystery and wonder. Read More »