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The Birthers Who Wouldn’t Die

President releases long form birth certificate, birthers’ heads explode Read More »

Trump: The Non-Serious Non-Candidate

Donald Trump's foolish embrace of the birthers. Read More »

Under Siege from the Radical Right: It’s Not All About the Economy

The radical right, in all its guises, pursue a full-frontal attack on progressive values. Read More »

National, State and Local Political Observations

Whether you love or hate the President, electing officials with this kind of intellect to public office should be illegal. Read More »

The Executive Order 13489 Fallacy

Birthers are convinced this executive order is part of a grand coverup of President Obama's citizenship. They're wrong. Read More »

You Really Have No Idea

Radicalism is growing in America. As government cracks down, the response will become more extreme. Read More »