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TV Review: ABC’s New ‘Black Box’

black box

Does ABC's 'Black Box' treat mental illness too lightly? Read More »

Book Review: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I’ve Lost My Damn Mind: A Manic’s Mood Chart by Derek Thompson

Humorous memoir about being bipolar by a member of the Millennial Generation - today's young adults. Read More »

Kabbalah: Sabbatai Zevi – Messiah ben David or Messiah ben Joseph?

Exploring the doubling of the Messiah in the figure of Sabbatai Zevi. Read More »

Theatre Review (LA): Next to Normal by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey at the Ahmanson

The national tour of the much-heralded musical arrives in Los Angeles with Alice Ripley in the lead but a dubious take on mental illness. Read More »

Book Review: Schizophrenia: Medicine’s Mystery, Society’s Shame by Marvin Ross

A solid introduction to the disease and its effects on individuals and society. Read More »

A Look At Suicide

When a loved one commits suicide it can be painful and confusing for family and friends. Read More »

Bipolar: Use the Term Wisely and Accurately

Mel Gibson: A Bipolar Cocktail and other inane uses of the term "bipolar" serves only to desensitize the public about a very serious condition. Read More »

Book Review: After Her Brain Broke: Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity by Susan Inman

If your child suddenly had a psychotic break, how would you deal with it? Could you help? Read More »

A Bipolar Disorder Update

Looking past the joy and fun of bipolar disorder: a pharmaceutical update. Read More »

Theatre Review (LA): Insanity by deTurk and Mellon at the NoHo Arts Center

This new musical is a mixed bag, with good performances but some lame lyrics and a dubious message about how to treat bipolar patients. Read More »