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What About Performance Enhancing Mechanisms?

Will our genetically-enhanced, chemically optimized, and possibly bio-cyber equipped descendants will think of us as “Amish”? Read More »

Viisage to Buy Iris-Scanning Technology Company and The Daily Music and Tech News

Viisage set to buy Iridian, Franz Ferdinand to give out tips and Kylie to play London in today's update. Read More »

News From The Heart: Cardiologist Donates Blood During Surgery

There are many complaints about the medical profession. There are also heroic doctors at work. Read More »

What Shall We Spend Our Money On Today? Health? Education? I Know, Biological Weapons!

Any sane person would focus on ridding the world of harmful pathogens, not on creating new ones. Read More »

UN Wants Birds to Wear Backpacks

Birdy backpacks proposed to fight the spread of avian influenza... No, really. Read More »

Getting into J. Craig Venter’s Genes

"My genome is bigger than yours!" Venter's personal genome will be published as a reference databank this year. Where will this maverick researcher head next? Read More »

The Healthy Skeptic: IGF-1 Is The Performance Enhancing Drug That Everyone Will Want To Get Their Hands On

Post-Balco era, it’s not a matter of whether athletes are using illegal drugs, but what drugs they are using. Read More »

Help Girls Fly And Achieve Other Fantastic Feats

Women experts in engineering, mathematics, science, and technology are needed to present at Sally Ride Science Festivals for girls. Read More »

SciTech Watch: The Finest SciFi TV You’ve Never Seen

Join us this week as SciTech Watch explores the world of Regenesis, the Finest SciFi TV You've Never Seen. Read More »

Book Review: Madame Bovary’s Ovaries: A Darwinian Look At Literature by David P. Barash and Nanelle R. Barash

The nature of human nature as applied to literature, but in a fun way. Nobody will be replacing Derrida with DNA tests any time soon. Read More »