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Extreme Left Spin on Stem Cell Story

An article came out today that touts the results of stem cell treatment for diabetics while attempting to mislead readers. Read More »

New Approach May Lower Drug Prices

A new approach may lower the cost of drug manufacture. Read More »

Streamlining Ethanol Production

Modifying microorganisms to produce ethanol more efficiently. Read More »

Baa Baa Black Sheep and an Angry Navratilova

Can bio-engineers deliver world peace where politicians, philosophers and clergy have failed? Read More »

Strong Brands Balm Consumer Brains, New Study Shows

Researchers poke around the "branded brain." Read More »

Bad Religion to Headline Warped Tour and The Daily Music and Tech News

Bad Religion on the Warped Tour, The Shins, and Fingerprinting at Heathrow in Today's update. Read More »

Kanguru Biometric USB Drive

Biometric security meets USB memory Read More »

Is Michael J Fox Aware Cardin Voted Nay on Stem Cell Research?

Michael J. Fox campaigns for a candidate that voted against embryo-destroying stem cell research. Read More »

The Drugs on War

Canadians and Taliban smoke some pot together. Read More »

Fingerprint Fury: Parents Angry at Schools

British parents are angry that their kids' schools are fingerprinting them and providing police with a database to draw from. Read More »