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Transcendent Consciousness for Transcendent Technologies : Part I

How must a person accept oneself as nothing more than an organism and then transcend body and consciousness? With technology? Read More »

How Would You Know? House Holds Hearings on Drug Safety

The House is looking into foreign drug safety. Will anything change? Read More »

How OLED Is Changing the Face of Portable Technology

A look at OLED technology and its amazing potential for changing the face of portable electronics. Read More »

European Tree Yields New Alcoholism Treatment

Anti-smoking drug also curbs alcohol craving in early tests. Read More »

Book Review: Dirt: The Erosion of Civilization by David R. Montgomery

That our potential to provide the food a growing world population needs is in question is not widely known... Read More »

Cochlear Cyborgs

It is essential to encourage Cochlear Implant technologies while respecting social issues involved. Read More »

How Good Are Your Drugs? (Part 4)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is faltering in their attempts to safeguard drug distribution and prescription medications quality in the United States and overseas. Read More »

Is Mitt Romney a Cylon?

10 reasons - from how could one person have so many different positions ... to the meaning of "null set" Read More »

News Analysis from Israel: Suppressing the News – Why Is This So?

They are not white, they are not rich, they are not Christians - who needs to gives a damn? Who needs to know? Right? Read More »

Book Review: Chasing Life by Sanjay Gupta

Is immortality really on the horizon? Read More »