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Disadvantages Of Having A Robot Wife

If you thought human nagging was bad, just wait until you endure the for-loop. Read More »

Are Bloggers a New Elite?

What would Socrates say about the new medium? Read More »

The Singularity is Nearest

Ever think of your mind and body as software and hardware? Read More »

Book Review – Myxomatosis: A History of Pest Control and the Rabbit by Peter W.J. Bartrip

Offers an insight into 50s Britain, its agricultural and official communities, and its ecological balance. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): Taboos by Carl Djerassi

Carl Djerassi, the inventor of the Pill, sees his scientific perspective conflict with his dramatic one in Taboos. Read More »

How to Make Your Tinfoil Hat

Don't let the CFR turn you into a robotic spy with their mind control lasers. Take steps to protect yourself now! Read More »

Book Review: Knit Aid by Vickie Howell

A near-perfect knitting companion. Read More »

Genetic Manipulation Leads To Extended Lifespan

Scientists manipulated two genes on yeast and ended up with organism which lived ten times longer than normal. Read More »

TV Show ReGenesis Generates Interest in Science

A science consultant for the show spills secrets on the truth behind the fiction. Read More »

Transcendent Consciousness for Transcendent Technologies: Part II

The concluding part to how we humans can transcend body and consciousness using technology. Read More »