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Book Review: The Rights of the People: How Our Search for Safety Invades Our Liberty by David K. Shipler

How much will you give up to be "safe"? Read More »

Party Leaders Sell Out Our Rights in a Backroom Deal on the Patriot Act

Once again the unaccountable miscreants at the head of government plan to sell out our most basic rights in the name of an illusion of security. Read More »

A Simple Answer to a Simple Question

What the True Core Issue Lies at the Heart and Soul of This Upcoming Midterm Election. Read More »

Chicago’s Daley Defiant Over Gun Ban Ruling

The Supreme Court still stands as our best defense against the relentless assault on the Constitution from the left. Read More »

Christian Protests that Produce Ungodly Behavior

With all the Christ-centered organizations based in Middle Tennessee, the anti-Muslim behavior of some church folks are keeping us in the national spotlight. Read More »

Weighing In On The Mosque Near Ground Zero

Accepting our differences will only make us stronger... Read More »

A Mosque in New York: A Test of Our Mettle

A mosque, the Constitution, and the inconvenience of maintaining our freedoms. Read More »

DVD Review: America’s Living Constitution: An Oral Presentation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

A great learning aid for parents who want to introduce their children to these important documents or for anyone who wants to brush up. Read More »

Are These Our Rights As Americans? You Decide — Part I

It's time we remember the values and principles this country was founded upon. Read More »