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TV Review: Glee – “Heart”

Glee is a bit of fluff, taking matters of the heart lightly, and going for popular, rather than substantial, music. Read More »

Love and Marriage: Not Just for Men + Women

People who love each other ought to be able to marry. This is America; how can we deny anyone's rights? Read More »

Notes of a Hatriot: Thoughts on the Wrongest of the Right

The extreme Religious Right proves once agin why it is not at all conservative. Read More »

In Search of a Real Christian Conservative: Religious Bigotry Descends Upon Texas House Speaker Race

The worst element in the political process rears its head deep in the heart of Texas. Read More »

Advertisers Should Sell Products, Not Push Agendas

It's time to end the anti-male bias in advertising. Read More »

Freedom Of Expression at Ground Zero Is About More Than A Liberal Cause du Jour

Ground Zero mosque opponents are described as obstinate and bigoted. The mosque-builders and their supporters are even more so. Read More »

Dr. Laura Used Very Poor Judgment

Dr. Laura used bad judgment in handling African American woman who called for advice. Read More »

Book Review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

African American maids dare describe to a white integrationist the outrages they suffer as housemaids. Read More »

Book Review: Saving Savannah: The City and the Civil War by Jacqueline Jones

Savannah, like so much of America, needed to be saved — saved from itself. Read More »

Interview with Ellen Feldman, Author of Scottsboro, Shortlisted for 2009 Orange Prize

“Though Scottsboro is alive with moral issues, I hope readers will get lost in a thrilling story. And I trust the horror... will encourage compassion...” Read More »