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Interview: William R. Leibowitz, Author of ‘Miracle Man’

William Leibowitz

"An author has to view his writing as an art form in the same way as a painter, even if the author isn’t trying to create great literary fiction." Read More »

Interview: Entertainment Lawyer William Leibowitz, Author of ‘Miracle Man’

WilliamLeibowitz Headshot

What if someone was born with an IQ of an unheard-of level of 550? And what if as a baby he was tossed in a trash can? Read More »

Book Review: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

A pharmacologist travels to the Amazon to find a colleague and report on the progress of a new drug being researched. Read More »

Peeved TV: Big Pharma a Big Reason to Cut the Cord

Big pharma ads make for big TV headaches. Read More »

They ARE Trying To Kill Me, I Tell Ya!

Gee, Doc, I just can't IMAGINE how you can think that stress is a factor in my illness! Read More »

Another Home, Another Life, Saved by Socialized Health Care

Socialized health care likely saved hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars last saving us from bankruptcy. Read More »