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God and the Planetarium

neil degrasse tyson

Whenever I’m in a conversation about the planetarium I like to make people laugh (and think) by telling them that from the looks of the real night sky, I think that God must have been to the planetarium too. Read More »

Book Review: Unraveling The Universe’s Mysteries by Louis A. Del Monte

Unraveling The Universe's Mysteries is an important book on the origin and destination of the universe. Read More »

DVD Review: The Big Bang Theory – The Complete Third Season

Oh sure, there's a laugh track, but viewers probably won't notice it much because they'll be too busy laughing themselves. Read More »

Book Review: The Day We Found The Universe by Marcia Bartusiak

The real nature of the universe: stars are receding into distant space at enormous speeds. Read More »

Book Review: You Are Here by Christopher Potter

A layman's explanation of what is! Read More »