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Book Review: ‘Venom’ – A Suspense by Colin Falconer


For Michael, anger is the only means of strength he can muster, and he thinks of nothing but revenge. He reaches his manhood in wartime Saigon, and remembers every betrayal and beating. With his survival skills and his good looks he builds his own little piece of life, surviving as a criminal. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Poison Makers’ by Jimmy Olsen


Delve into the darkness and cultures of voodoo and zombies found deep in the jungles of the Dominican Republic. Read More »

Climbing Back On After Being Thrown Off

The Democrats talk and the Republicans walk away with the quality of life. Read More »

Book Review: Revelation: Book One of the Revelation Trilogy by M. J. Mancini

How can one go on and continue life as it was after a revelation like this? Read More »

Book Review: Betrayal: An Empty Coffin Novel by Gregg Olsen

The second entry in Gregg Olsen's Empty Coffin series of YA novels. Read More »

Book Review: Gossip: A Novel by Beth Gutcheon

Friends can endure a lot of trials and tribulations, and they become stronger as a result. Read More »

Book Review: Eon’s Door by J.G. McKenney

Eon’s Door is a must read for anyone who enjoys a touch of mythical creatures and magic. Read More »

Spiritual Abuse: When Trust is Violated

When a follower questions a spiritual leader, sometimes the leader turns the tables out of pride. Read More »

Book Review: The Ghost Of A Flea by John Brinling

A tempestuous twist on murder and suspense. Read More »

Book Review: The Good Daughters by Joyce Maynard

The Good Daughters with innuendo and secrets, provides a curious puzzle to piece together, as you witness the girls' painful self-awareness rip their memories apart. Read More »