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PlayStation 3 Preview: ‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Beta’

Your appearence will change with every new piece of new armor, clothing, or weaponry.

It is a living, breathing world with a gorgeous landscape. Read More »

Book Review: Market Sense and Nonsense by Jack D. Schwager

Exposing Wall Street fallacies. Read More »

PlayStation Home is Back and Better Than Ever

With the Sony Network outage over, Home has more to offer. Read More »

Chrome OS Notebook Cr-48 Review: Thoughts for Education Deployments

A first look and review of the beta notebook from Google. Also, thoughts on the Cr-48's potential impact on education. Read More »

Skype 5 Beta Brings New Features to Mac

The Skype 5.0 Beta was released today which adds a lot of awaited updates. Read More »

More 1 vs. 100 Canadian Beta Impressions

Two Canadians and an American walk into a game show... Read More »

Xbox Live Primetime: 1 vs. 100 Canadian Beta Impressions

Apparently Primetime wasn't just another Microsoft "Vision" Read More »