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Daylight Saving Time – One Hour Can Change Everything

time 1

The problem is that after being on one “time” for eight months, we are thrust into a different one, making us all time travelers whether we like it or not. Read More »

Book Review: The United States Constitution: A Round Table Comic by Nadja Baer (Adapter), Nathan Lueth (Illustrator), Thomas Jefferson, et al

Nadja Baer's adaptation of the United States Constitution features the complete original text of the supreme law of these United States, and is packed with full-color illustrations. Read More »

Book Review: Poor Richard’s Lament: A Most Timely Tale by Tom Fitzgerald

Poor Richard's Lament: A Most Timely Tale is a tale of Benjamin Franklin and a morality tale for our times. Read More »

Ode to Our Filthy Founding Fathers

Our Founding Fathers lived in a filthy, disease-ridden world full of body odor and disease. They were the unwashed! Read More »

Book Review: The Invention of Air: A Story Of Science, Faith, Revolution, And The Birth Of America by Steven Johnson

A dissertation on Priestly's scientific, theological, and educational ideas, how they affected the founders of the U.S. and how his activities are important today. Read More »