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DVD Review: Once Upon a Time Season One

ABC has released the Once Upon a Time Season One DVD set. It's a must-have for fans, filled out with lots of extras. A great way to catch up. Read More »

Graphic Biography Review: Steve Jobs: Genius By Design by Jason Quinn and Amit Tayal (illustrator)

Steve Jobs' life in words and pictures aims at the adolescent audience. Read More »

Book Review: Resilience – Why Things Bounce Back by Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy

Resilience explains the dynamics of managing dynamic change in today's world. Read More »

DVD Review: Dawn Of The Dead: The Grateful Dead and the Rise of the San Francisco Underground

Dawn of the Dead is a fascinating, entertaining, informative documentary about The Grateful Dead and the San Francisco '60s. Read More »

Interview: Branded (2012) Director James Bradshaw

Branded director James Bradshaw talks with Blogcritics Co-Executive Editor Barbara Barnett about his new movie. Read More »

Book Review: Shock Troops of Justice by Robert R. Mill

Pulp fiction mixes with an ode to the early F.B.I. in this collection of genre pieces from the thirties. Read More »

SEC Football 2012: Week One Previews and Predictions

The Southeastern Conference begins the quest for a seventh straight national championship. Read More »

Movie Industry Can Help End World Hunger

The film industry has an opportunity to use its power to fight a global threat: hunger and malnutrition. Read More »

Neil Armstrong Dies: He and His Giant Leap Are Eternal

No flag placed on foreign soil ever meant so much to so many, for Armstrong did not claim the moon for America but for the entire human race. Read More »

Film Review: El Sicario, Room 164

Gianfranco Rosi’s terrific documentary El Sicario, Room 164 features a dangerous man facing a camera and recounting elements of his life. Read More »