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Christopher Nolan and The Power of Myth – The ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy


With his trilogy of Dark Knight films, Christopher Nolan created a hero who stands with literature’s greatest. Read More »

Music Review: London Music Works and City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra – Music from the Batman Trilogy

Music from the Batman Trilogy is a respectable consolidation of the scores from the Christopher Nolan films. Read More »

Why Ninjas Don’t Wear Purple

Further reflections on the Catwoman costume and the impracticality of calling the black catsuit practical. Read More »

TV Review: The Cape – “Pilot” and “Tarot”

The Cape had a few holes in the origin story, but was better than any fall premiere this year. Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises, along with Christopher Nolan’s Career

The title is in, the Riddler is out. So what's next for the Caped Crusader? Read More »

Movie Review: Inception

Does Christopher Nolan have the Midas touch? Read More »

Movie Review: Inception – The Stuff of Dreams

The leaps of imagination that inform the greatest architecture are the stuff of which dreams, and great movies, are made. Read More »