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Braun Free Pass on Technicality Is Bad for Baseball

The problem here is not that a guy got past the process for the first time after being ruled a violator, but with the guy who got the pass. Read More »

Joe Paterno – An American Tragedy

How Joe Paterno will be seen in sports history is yet to be seen, for in sports the infamous and the legendary often stand side by side. Read More »

Former Mets Catcher Gary Carter Has Cancer Scare

Major League Baseball is a man's game, but Carter always made it look like he was having fun. Maybe that's his greatest legacy of all. Read More »

Hell of Fame: Manny Ramirez “Retires” From Baseball

Ramirez's retirement will be seen as forced and the likelihood of his earning a berth in Cooperstown will be highly doubtful. Read More »

Bert Blyleven & Roberto Alomar Make 2011 MLB Hall of Fame

After a 14-year wait, the durable hurler Bert Blyleven finally gets voted into Cooperstown and is joined by gifted second baseman Roberto Alomar. Read More »

Music Review: John Fogerty – Centerfield (25th Anniversary Edition)

As American as Mom, apple pie, rock and roll and yes, baseball. Read More »

Give The Fans a HOF Vote

Just one vote. This isn't asking for much. Read More »

Dawson Was Great, But Not Hallworthy

The election of Andre Dawson further illustrates the flaws in the way the writers elect Hall of Famers. Read More »

Hallspotting: Roberto Alomar

He was the greatest second baseman of his generation. But does that really mean anything? Read More »

Hallspotting: Robin Ventura

Okay, so he probably won't make it, unless Nolan Ryan drags him in with him. Read More »