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An Open Letter to President Obama: It’s Time to Lead

Mr. President— You may never read this. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll never see any of this letter, isolated as you are in the gilded cage that is the Oval Office. But perhaps, just perhaps, you might, and on the off-chance you do I cannot be more blunt that this: The time has come for you to lead ... Read More »

SXSW Music Festival 2016: Preview (March 15-20)

Bomba Estereo at SXSW 2015 (photo credit: Earl McGehee)

The 30th annual South by Southwest Music Festival takes place March 15-20 in Austin, Texas. First Lady Michelle Obama will give the opening keynote at SXSW Music. Read More »

Democratic Disappointment

Why are Democratic candidates running from President Obama when they should be embracing his policies? Read More »