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Theater/Dance Review (NYC Off-Broadway): ‘Snow White,’ a Baroque Burlesque Ballet by Company XIV

Snow White Company XIV

For scale, complexity, and sheer extravagance, Austin McCormick's dance-theater troupe is hard to beat. Its new 'Snow White' is a marvel of acrobatics, burlesque, glorious dancing, and intriguing characters. Read More »

Theater/Dance Review (NYC Off-Broadway): ‘Cinderella,’ a Baroque Burlesque Ballet by Company XIV

Allison Ulrich in Company XIV's 'Cinderella.' Photo by Mark Shelby Perry

The latest dance-theater extravaganza from Austin McCormick and his scarily talented troupe transports us into a magical world of tongue-in-cheek glitz and deeply felt emotion rolled densely into a concoction of wonders. Read More »

Theater Review (Broadway): ‘An American in Paris’

An American in Paris Broadway

The new musical proves that Broadway and the ballet are friends, and that even if we can't have a new George Gershwin or Leonard Bernstein, the originals can still energize today's biggest stage talents and please finicky audiences. Read More »

Interview: Elaine Heng and Timothy Coleman of Singapore Dance Theatre’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Romeo and Juliet

Two dancers discussing dancing 'Romeo and Juliet' to Prokofiev's music. Read More »

Dance Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘The Nutcracker’


The lead dancers shined in their roles, executing complicated and tricky footwork, pirouettes, and other movements with aplomb. Read More »

Interview: Heidi Zolker and Aaron Yap of Singapore Dance Theatre’s ‘The Nutcracker’


It's a 'Nutcracker' set in Shanghai at the turn of the last century. Read More »

Dance Review (Singapore): Sleeping Beauty by Singapore Dance Theatre

Singapore Dance Theatre, which turns 25 next year, presented a Sleeping Beauty that was a triumph in beauty and technique. Read More »

Interview: Rosa Park and Natalie Debono of Singapore Dance Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty

Singapore Dance Theatre's Rosa Park and Natalie Debono talk about their experience dancing in this well loved fairytale ballet. Read More »

Dance Review (LA): Moulin Rouge by Jorden Morris for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the Valley Performing Arts Center

This lovely Moulin Rouge is beautifully choreographed by creator Jorden Morris. Read More »

DVD Review: The Little Mermaid – featuring the San Francisco Ballet

The Little Mermaid, featuring the San Francisco Ballet, is a visually arresting new interpretation of the classic tale. Read More »