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Halloween in August Is More Annoying than Spooky

early 1

We had trouble locating back to school supllies because pumpkins, witches, and ghosts ruled the shelves. It’s enough to drive a customer batty. Read More »

Teachers and Students Still Need Summer Vacation

Summer vacation provides both students and teachers an opportunity for down time in a world where everyone is expected to always be up. Read More »

Back to School Breakfast Fun

Ease back to school jitters with these fun pancake shapes. Send a love note that will give them the most important meal of the day! Read More »

Green Product Review: Kids Konserve Signature Waste-Free Lunch Kit

Eco-friendly waste-free lunch kits work well for school lunches. Read More »

Back to School Backpacking

"Ow! My aching back!" is a phrase one would expect to hear from an aging parent, not a healthy school-aged child. Read More »

Back to School: Blues or Bliss?

That silent house can be a haven, or so very disconcerting... Read More »

Obama’s Back to School Message: “A” for Effort

All the critics who were against this speech must have, I can only hope, thought differently after hearing it. Read More »

New School Year Ideas for Parents

How to make the start of a new school year easier for parents, children, and teachers alike. Read More »

Obama’s Back-to-School Message

Is there something inherently wrong about a President addressing students on their way back to school? Read More »

Back-to-School Blues

After a summer of freedom, my daughter has no desire to return to school. Read More »