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Music DVD Review: Frank Zappa – An Evening With Frank Zappa During Which…The Torture Never Stops

Another great example of Frank Zappa’s endless creativity and individuality. Read More »

Music Review: Exploding Star Orchestra – Stars Have Shapes

You may not like or enjoy it very much, but you can't help but be impressed by it. Read More »

Movie Review: Dillinger is Dead

Dillinger is Dead is not an easy movie to like but if you're in the mood for its odd rhythms, there's a droll comedy to be had here amid the pop music and misogyny. Read More »

Music Review: Zs – New Slaves

A truly gratifying test of listener stamina. Read More »

Music Review: Kayo Dot – Coyote

Cries and whispers. And peace. Read More »

VCV: Copeland – “I’m A Sucker For A Kind Word”

Adventures in pop music... Read More »

Music Review: Satoko Fujii’s ma-do – Desert Ship

Fujii's intimate quartet reflects the fearlessness of the pianist and composer. Read More »

Music DVD Review: David Tudor – Bandoneon! (a combine)

An amazing David Tudor performance from 1966. Read More »

Music Review: A Backward Glance on a Travel Road – A Backward Glance on a Travel Road

A wonderfully atmospheric emotional journey. Read More »

Music Review: Juozas Milasius – Slow

A post-garde solo electric guitar record. Sort of. Read More »