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Book Review: Me on Me by Jan Gero

"It's your journals! Every little detail. Every lecherous fantasy, all your perversions, obsessions. Even dreams." Read More »

Book Review: By the Book: A Reader’s Guide to Life by Ramona Koval

A wonderful book for book lovers everywhere. Read More »

Book Review: It Doesn’t Take a Hero: The Autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

A biography of US General H. Norman Schwarzkopf published in 1993 after The Gulf War Read More »

Book Review: With Robert Lowell and His Circle by Kathleen Spivack

The best introduction to the world of American poetry in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s you're liable to read. Read More »

Book Review: The Journals of Spalding Gray, Edited by Nell Casey

A penetrating look inside the mind of the famous monologist. Read More »

An Interview with Trish Thorpe On Her Life And Her Just Released Memoir Fisheye

"I hope to spend the rest of my life writing about all the source material that I've been gathering." Read More »

Book Review: Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap Stories by Randy Bachman

A short book of personal stories from the great rocker. Read More »

Book Review: In the Pleasure Groove by John Taylor

A card-carrying Duranie reviews an eighties icon's memoir. Read More »

Book Review: The John Lennon Letters, Edited by Hunter Davies

The John Lennon Letters works to confirm the image we've always had of John Lennon as the complicated Beatle. Read More »

Book Review: My Escape: An Autobiography by Benoite Groult

A fascinating autobiography by one of the founders of modern feminism, Benoite Groult. Read More »