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Interview: Henry Mosquera, Author of ‘Status Quo’


"I like to have a personal conversation with my readers whether we agree or not on the issues presented in the novel." Read More »

The Road to Freelance Writing


What does it take to be a freelance writer? Read More »

Interview: Peter Palmieri, Author of ‘The Art of Forgetting’


"Often, creativity stems from blending two seemingly unrelated subjects together to come up with a new idea." Read More »

Interview: Barbara Carole, Author of ‘Twelve Stones’

Twelve Stones

"It is written from the perspective of a non-believer, because that’s who I was." Read More »

Interview: Incarcerated Author Christopher Zoukis


"While my fellow prisoners respect the work that I engage in, the prison administration makes no bones about silencing incarcerated writers and advocates." Read More »

Interview: Tom Walker, Author of ‘Signed Confessions’


"Novels are sheer hell to write." Read More »

Interview: Freddie Owens, Author of ‘Then Like The Blind Man’

Then Like the Blind Man 7

" I can think of no better way to get caught up in a story than this – to begin to see the world with fresh eyes, even if only borrowed for a time." Read More »

Interview with Rick D. Niece, Ph.D., Author of ‘The Band Plays On’


The focus is on the legacy of my father, who was the beloved music teacher and band director in DeGraff for 16 years. Read More »

Interview with P.T. Dawkins, Author of ‘The Ponzi’


"This is the second of a series of novels I intend to write, each highlighting a specific white-collar crime relating to financial markets." Read More »

Interview with Michael Philip Cash, Author of ‘Brood X’


"If nature decides to get out of control, the possibilities are truly terrifying." Read More »