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Book Review: Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger

An autobiography of the famous actor, politician and champion body builder Read More »

Book Review: The Accidental Caregiver by Gregor Collins

Collins' account of an incredible woman's life through the eyes of her endearing caregiver is mesmerizing. Read More »

Book Review: Brenner and God by Wolf Haas

One day, stopping to fill up the gas tank, Brenner finds the that the little girl in his charge disappeared. Read More »

Bicycle Camping in Mexico, Colombia, and Beyond: An Interview with Andreas Hubl and Anita Burgholzer

Around the world like a snail with wheels... Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Visions of Europe

Stunning overview of Europe. Read More »

Book Review: Siberian Prison by E.v. Enzmann

An eyewitness account of an World War I Austrian army officer who was taken as a Russian prisoner during the Brusillov offensive. Read More »

Somali Child: I Just Want to Go to School Again

In responding to the drought in East Africa it's vital to ensure that all children can receive school meals and an education. Read More »

Interview with T.H.E. Hill, Author of The Day Before the Berlin Wall: Could We Have Stopped It?

Kennedy blinked. Read More »

The Sound of Music and the Cruel Enemy of Hunger

Food can make a difference on a grand scale, but also can bring moments of joy to a needy child. Read More »

Remembering World War One Legacy When Fighting Global Hunger

One legacy of World War One that we do need to preserve is child feeding at schools. Read More »