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Book Review: Bread of the Lost by Philomena van Rijswijk


Philomena van Rijswijk’s poetry is a sensual treat. As with her fiction, there seems to be no topic off-limits; no intimacy she isn’t willing to explore. Read More »

Book Review: First Light by Kate Fagan

An Australian poet deploys tremendous word play and clashing syntax, imagery and perceptions. Read More »

Book Review: Selected Poems of Dorothy Hewett, Edited by Kate Lilley

This is a rich, complex, and rewarding collection, especially the later poetry with all its mature insight. Read More »

Book Review: Designs on the Body by Lyn Reeves

By the end of this book the reader feels drained, enlivened, wiser somehow, as if a full live had been lived between its pages. Read More »

Book Review: Vanishing Point by Felicity Plunkett

There's a heady femininity in Felicity Plunkett's Vanishing Point. Read More »

Book Review: under the gums’ long shade by Beatriz Copello

A tender collection full of rich moments. Read More »