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Blu-ray Review: ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Series Three’

Nathan Page & Essie Davis Miss Fisher's Series 3 lrg

"Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Series 3" keeps us glued to the television set with its scripts and the actors ability to bring their characters to life. Read More »

Music Interview: Xavier Rudd – A Musician of Heart, Soul and Thought

Xavier Rudd & The United Nations lrg

Interview with Xavier Rudd: Music that moves your heart, soul and feet. Read More »

Music Review: Xavier Rudd & The United Nations – ‘Nanna’ – New Release from Australia’s Eco Warrior


A great album - come to it with an open mind. It might change your heart. Read More »

Music Review: Paul Kelly – ‘Paul Kelly Presents: The Merri Soul Sessions’

Paul Kelly

'Paul Kelly Presents: The Merri Soul Sessions' is an album I am grateful to have been turned on to, and is definitely recommended. Read More »

Anthem Film Fest: ‘Cough’ – A Must-Watch for Filmmakers


Cough is a sci-fi tale set in Australia in the not-to-distant future where people have traded freedom for safety. Says the tagline: "Civil Liberties are Yesterday." Read More »

Blu-ray Review: ‘Jack Irish, Set 2’

Jack Irish, Guy Pearce

An example of how good television can be when people put their minds to it Read More »

Flash Fiction: The Last Job

job 2

As Jeff stormed out slamming the door, Sophie sat down on the stairs trembling and thinking about him getting arrested or killed that night. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Series 2’

Nathan Lane & Essie Davis

A perfect example of balancing character development and plots to create wonderful television. Read More »

Stop The Polar Express – I Want to Get Off Now!

cold 2

Jack Frost wasn’t just nipping at my nose this morning; it seemed as if he were ripping it off along with my cheeks! Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Utopia’ (A Film by John Pilger)


Two years in the making, journalist and film-maker Pilger returns to the country of his birth to investigate the conditions under which Aboriginal Australians are living. Read More »