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Reflections on the Future of Capitalism – Or the Scavenger Hunt

Rats abandoning the sinking ship used to be an apt metaphor, but I’m afraid our once respected banking industry has raised it a notch better: while at it, why not sell what remains for scrap? Read More »

The Fatal Conceit of Perpetual Prosperity: Will it Sell?

With political paralysis gripping Washington D.C., voters must find their own solution to the worst fiscal crisis in our country's history. But, can they? Read More »

China Worries More for EU’s Growth Than for Its Own People

China's interest in European financial stability rather than in improving the living standards and purchasing capacity of its own people will push it into chaos. Read More »

German Chancellor Wants Nationalization of Jobs and Globalization of Resources

The recent rise in concern for immigration in European countries is nothing but a cover-up for the effects of the European austerity measures. Read More »