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Book Review: ‘Imagine There’s No Heaven’ by Mitchell Stephens


The author examines the often overlooked role of atheism in the history of Western civilization. Read More »

Book Review: Free Will by Sam Harris

A neuroscientist, philosopher, and all-around bright guy takes a clear look at our concept of free will. Read More »

The New Pragmatism

Some philosophizing as to what's it about, and what's it all for. Read More »

Dawkins vs. Craig: No Debate on Genocide Claims

What is behind Richard Dawkins' refusal to debate William Lane Craig? Read More »

Book Review: Cain by José Saramago

José Saramago's last novel, now translated into English, is an indictment of God based on using Old Testament. Read More »

Book Review: God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales by Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette is his usual brash and candid self in writing about what might be called the Penn Commandments. Read More »

Of Mice and Men and Other Things

No philosophy of political or social institutions can be complete without articulating the philosophy of the subject. In what follows, I hope to rectify this shortcoming. Read More »

A Religiously Knowledgeable Atheist’s Journey from Belief to Disbelief

The road to atheism can be painful and scary. Maybe that's why more religionists choose ignorance over knowledge. Read More »

Book Review: 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

A contemporary novelist looks at the varieties of religious experience Read More »

Unlearning Christmas

I will not say to you "Merry Christmas," but I will tell you "Happy Holidays." Read More »