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Book Review: The Ponderables by Tom Jackson

The first three books in Jackson's series help us to understand the world around us and in the process deepen our wonder. Read More »

Book Review: Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond by James Trefil

For all those who ever dreamed of traveling to the stars, Space Atlas will surely keep those fantasies alive. Read More »

The Transit of Venus

What is the meaning of the 2012 transit of Venus across the disc of the sun? Read More »

Book Review: George and the Big Bang by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

A fun filled ride full of drama, action, and above all, discovery. Read More »

Manga Review: The Manga Guide to the Universe by Kenji Ishikawa

Learn the secrets of the universe with some cute manga girls. Read More »

Book Review: Strange New Worlds: The Search For Alien Planets And Life Beyond Our Solar System by Ray Jayawardhana

A solid but uninspiring book on an inspiring topic. Read More »

Book Review: Copernicus: Founder of Modern Astronomy (Great Minds of Science) by Catherine M. Andronik

Copernicus - you simply can't go further in your study of astronomy without him. Read More »

Book Review: How It Ends by Chris Impey

A classic approach to that oldest of subjects. Read More »

Fifth Grader from New Brunswick First to Spot Supernova

Young Kathryn Gray from New Brunswick is the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. Read More »

Perseids Meteor Shower Prime Time On Thursday Night

Annual "shooting star" show... Read More »