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Book Review: ‘Iron Shinto’ by Tricia Stewart Shiu


The third book in Shiu's Moa series offers a good dose of mystery with spirituality and the paranormal thrown in for good measure. Read More »

Is Astral Projection Real?

To believe astral projection is possible you must be willing to accept that our spirits are separate from our physical bodies. Read More »

Keeping a Dream Journal Helps Induce Lucid Dreaming

There are three main reasons dream journaling has been a big part of my success at lucid dreaming. Read More »

The Most Popular Remote Viewing Technique: Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)

Remote viewing is a very powerful technique, similar to telepathy, that can help you develop extraordinary mind power. Read More »

You Can Learn Astral Projection

Skepticism is normal for anyone who has just come across astral projection, but you are 100% capable of experiencing it. Read More »

An Out-Of-Body Experience Let Me Meet My Deceased Mother

A person’s spiritual self steps into the astral world, leaving the physical body behind. Read More »

Myths About Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a technique which enables us to perceive far-off objects, people, or places. Read More »

Astral Projection and Improving Frequencies through Binaural Tones

With practice, and with the use of binaural tones, you can discover the thrill of traveling the astral plane. Read More »

Kundalini and Astral Projection

Kundalini Yoga is experiencing a new level of popularity worldwide, as people all around the globe seek enlightenment. Read More »

Astral Projection and Binaural Tones

For many beginners, the challenge in finding success in attempts at astral projection is the obstacle of fear. Read More »