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Randi Weingarten Tells Truth About Testing and Common Core Standards

Weingarten has called for the state and city to wait at least one year before they start using test scores to evaluate teachers. Read More »

School Testing Scandals – Time to Stop the Madness

Assessments are only instruments, and just like drums, guitars, and keyboards, they can make no music without someone to play them. Read More »

Common Core Wars – The Stakes Keep Getting Higher

In the coming years we may have what really will be the end of education as people know it. Read More »

Book Review: Methods of Analysis of Food Components and Additives, Second Edition, Edited by Semih Otles

Written by leading scientists, this reference focuses primarily on methods of food analysis and novel analysis instruments. Read More »

What About Art for Art’s Sake? NYC Department of Education Plans to Test the Arts

If New York City proceeds with testing on the arts, it will be just another case of ignorance and wanting to improve something but ruining it. Read More »