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Police Interrogator Knew Alleged Victim in Assange Case

The Swedish police interrogator who first interviewed the alleged victims in the Assange rape case was a friend of one of them. Read More »

Satire: Bush’s “Intelligence” Lets Him Down Again

Bush dodges appearance by Assange, who couldn't possibly come, and cancels speech in Denver. Read More »

Could It Be that Assange Would Be Safer in Egypt?

The way things are going Julian Assange might be safer in one of the newly freed Arab nations. Read More »

Female Activist, Not Pentagon, May be Behind Assange Prosecution

New evidence from Sweden suggests a female activist prosecutor is behind Assange's rape charges. Read More »

Think Twice Before Pushing the Send Button: Big Brother Is Watching

Obama leads the charge against internet privacy. Read More »

In Defense of Anarchism, Part II

Anarchism emerges as the only viable political philosophy for our times. We had better acquaint ourselves with its first principles since the movement is already well underway. Read More »

U.S. Investigation of Julian Assange: Legal Process or Witch-Hunt?

Julian Assange's real crime is the loss of face he caused some powerful people. Read More »

War on the Fourth Estate

Over the past decade, our leaders have come to see secrecy as a casual right instead of a rare privilege Read More »

Julian Assange, International Man of Mystery: Portrait of an Anarchist

A theory on what motivates the man who has captivated the world from his laptop. Read More »

WikiLeaks Revelations Not Really All That Shocking

Diplomatic leaks less shocking and more predictable than expected. Read More »