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Washington’s Kool-Aid Cups Runneth Over

A Obama Dumb 2 Scaled 350

Well, it finally happened. Both sides of the aisle in Washington have lost all perspective, not to mention what little, if any, common sense any of them might still retain. Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have each astonishingly announced their support of Obama’s request to Congress to intervene in the Syrian civil war, a move that makes no sense and ... Read More »

Congress Seeks, Russia Refuses No-Fly Over Syria


If Russia forbids a no-fly zone over Syria, and the American Congress insists upon it, it could be the worst setback in U.S.-Russian relations in several decades. Read More »

Multinational Claims of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Responsible global sources cite chemical weapons use in Syria by Assad. Read More »

Sarin Gas May be Deployed Over Damascus

As the war in Syria escalates, the US has called the use of chemical weapons a "red line" not to be crossed. Read More »

Obama Under Pressure to Take Military Action in Syria

Key Republicans continue to pressure the President to take a military response to the bloodshed in Syria. Read More »

Syria’s Insurrection Cycle

Chances are that Uprisings will Continue Every Friday Mosque Day Read More »