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Veteran’s Day – Remembering Why We Celebrate November 11, 1918

vets 2

Brave men and women volunteer, go forward against all odds, and do what most people would not be able or willing to do. They are like those firefighters on 9-11 who went up while everyone else came down. Read More »

Stephen Colbert Welcomes Home the Troops

Stephen Colbert welcomed home the troops from Iraq on this week's Colbert Report, with much funniness. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Winter In The Hindu Kush

Winter in Afghanistan brings snow, and a flurry of pediatric patients. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Life Goes On

BC's resident military gives us a glimpse of the home life of the 1% in the nation who serve. Read More »

To Gay USMC Smith: Your Billboard is Safe Here

Memphis rednecks tear down a billboard honoring a gay Marine. Read More »

Milbloggers Invited To BlogWorld Expo

The head of BlogWorld Expo thinks that mibloggers have created a vital and important genre of blogging. Read More »

Politics At The Trash Can

In a town of roses and palm trees, one milspouse deflects opinions tossed at her like trash. Read More »

Book Review: Operation Homecoming Edited by Andrew Carroll

Sometimes the story of war is best told by many voices, not just one. Read More »