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Replay System Has To Be Considered For All Sports

The time has come to bring a replay system to all sports for disputed calls that will impact the outcome of the game. Read More »

THF: Blame The One You Love

It's all about Armando Galarraga, NBA vs. NHL, World Cup paranoia myths, and how to organize a sports bar lock-in. Read More »

Jim Joyce Solidifies Argument For Instant Replay

Jim Joyce's blown call foced Armando Galarraga to pitch a 28-out perfect game. Read More »

Wow! Armando Galarraga Pitches Perfect Game!

It's the 21st in history, but the best defensive play was Galarraga covering first to beat the runner by a half step. Read More »

Porcello Might Need To Call AAA

A trip to Toledo just may help the young twentysomething, while it's probably Armando Galarraga's turn to solidify the rotation like he did in 2008. Read More »

Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Including Ulcers

A terrible week, and still a first place lead. God bless the AL Central. Read More »

Look Who’s Got The Best Starting Rotation

Yes, Detroit is back with the best starting pitching ERA in the American League. (I know!) Read More »