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Book Review: ‘Alif The Unseen’ by G. Willow Wilson


This could be one of the stories behind the Arab Spring. Read More »

New Rioting, Demonstrations in Egypt

In an unanticipated turn of events, the people of Egypt are rising up against new president Morsi. Read More »

Book Review: Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad by David W. Lesch

Lesch examines what went wrong in a region once considered the future of the Middle East, now embroiled in a brutal and protracted civil war. Read More »

TV Review: The Newsroom – “Amen”

This week's The Newsroom is an emotionally intense drama set against the 2011 Egyptian uprising. Read More »

Book Review: Why It Is Kicking Off Everywhere by Paul Mason

A colourful, thoughtful History 1.3 version of this turbulent, unfinished period. Read More »

Egyptian Revolution, Reloaded

Back to square one, Tahrir Square, because sometimes one revolution isn't enough. Read More »

Some See an Increased Threat from Iran

There may be a need for stronger sanctions and even military intervention, in view of a perceived Iranian nuclear threat. Read More »

Music Review: Indigo Girls – Beauty Queen Sister

The Indigo Girls are back with their fourteenth album, and haven't lost a beat! Read More »

Yemen Nears Breaking Point, Humanitarian Crisis Could Worsen

Yemen needs a peaceful resolution of its internal crisis and humanitarian aid for the suffering. Read More »

In Yemen’s Arab Spring, Crucial to Look Beyond Al Qaeda

It's critical when having the discussion of Yemen to also go beyond Al Qaeda and the political turmoil. Read More »