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Asteroids are Coming; Are We Prepared?

new belt

Scientists have been unable to accurately predict impacts or near impacts of meteors and asteroids, while they have led us to believe they are expert at these things. Read More »

Six Nations Now Join Forces to Mitigate Threat from Asteroids

Project “NEOShield" combines internatiional resources to thwart the threat of close approaching asteroids in coming years. Read More »

Scientists are Preparing to Study Asteroid 2005 YU55 on its Tuesday Evening Fly-By

A huge asteroid will come between the Earth and the moon on Tuesday, and scientists are excited about the opportunity to study 2005 YU55. Read More »

Ride the Light – Japan will use Solar Sail; Germany, Fueled Craft, to Obliterate Apophis in 2015

Solar Sails may be the answer to the thread of asteroid Apophis which will pass close to the Earth in 2036 Read More »

April is Apophis Month; The Asteroid Nested in Uncertainty

April is Apophis month; a closer look at a potential threat from the sky in April, 2029, and again in April, 2036. Read More »

Two Asteroids Of No Small Measure Came Close To Earth

The passing of a pair such as this, only hours apart, is the first occurrence of that kind. Read More »

The Dark Asteroid is Still Coming – New News!

Apophis is still coming! Much new information! Read More »