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Book Review: The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks by Evan Sayet

The KinderGarden of Eden is a valuable addition to the pantheon of those formerly left getting to grips to what their former fellow travelers have become. Read More »

Book Review: Boom! A Revolting Situation by Thomas Richard Harry

A tough-minded eye-opening appraisal of American Democracy. Read More »

An Interview with Dave Wakeling of the English Beat

Upon the release of a comprehensive, five-disc boxed set, the English Beat's Dave Wakeling talks music, politics, and how both have coexisted in his career. Read More »

Book Review: Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew? by Charles D. Drew

Can Christians be political activists without hating those who disagree? Read More »

Book Review: Z is for Xenophobe (Book One) by Terry Faust

The Midwest is once again embroiled with an alien presence — and with the requisite government cover-ups! Read More »

Book Review: Solidarity Politics for Millennials: A Guide to Ending the Oppression Olympics by Ange-Marie Hancock

We need a new approach for intersectional thinking and deep solidarity. Read More »

Book Review: The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan by Timothy Stanley

Pat Buchanan's life examined and the man exposed for just what he is and always was. Read More »

Book Review: Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America by Ann Coulter

Liberals should explore this book, even if it is written by a member of the Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy. Read More »

Obama and Palin: A Tale Of Two Speakers

Seriously, this woman wants to be president? Read More »

Creating a New Underclass by Reinventing the Wheel

It's a weird thing about these Republicans — but they really seem to enjoy it when most of us are poor. Read More »