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Book Review: ‘The 3RD Woman,’ A Political Thriller by Jonathan Freedland


In 'The 3RD Woman,' Freedland takes us on a chilling ride that creates many of the challenges and dangers that we often worry about. He takes a harrowing possibility and makes it fact, then drags in the dangers of collusion and hidden agendas. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Leaving Before The Rains Come’ A Memoir by Alexandra Fuller


The rawness and beauty of Africa, a country most only come close to in the news, comes to life in the pages of Fuller’s words. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Quick With Flies’ by Jessica Schneider

Quick With Flies

Yet who will film Jessica Schneider's book, and be the first to hee-haw and misinterpret her? Read More »

America Commits Suicide

The Absence of Hope

More people die each year from suicide in America than from car crashes or murders. In fact, you’re three times more likely to kill yourself than you are to be murdered, and that number is rising. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Love and Fatigue in America’ by Roger King

love and fatigue in america

What makes this book stand out among other memoirs is CFS-sufferer King’s unflinching, yet completely unself-serving honesty. Read More »

Book Review: The Barbed Crown – by William Dietrich


What would have been the outcome had Napoleon understood the the lengths the British would go to, in order to come out on top? Read More »

Playing Chess With Corporate America

How can three players play a two person game? Read More »

Book Review: Untimed by Andy Gavin

Take a trip through time in an effort to undo the damage wrought by those who want a different future. Read More »

The New America

Make no mistake, the country has exceeded its tipping point and will never be the same again. Read More »

Music Review: Various Artists – To What Strange Place: The Music Of The Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916 -1919

A fascinating collection of music from a very specific period in the history of immigrant America. Read More »