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Gadget Review: ‘Dash A’ HiFi Sound Bar by Soundmatters

DASHa in Bag

The Dash A speaker from Soundmatters challenges you to pull something more sonically impressive out of your pocket. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Everything Store’ by Brad Stone


Brad Stone’s well researched story of Amazon is an essential read. Read More »

Five Surefire Ways to Obtain Amazon Book Reviews

Image courtesy

Let's face it, Amazon's dominance is complete, both for the traditionally published and self-published book author. Read More »

Why Literary Writers Have Not Yet Made the Transition to Self-Publishing

Reader asleep - drawing by Claude (2007)

Genre writers have been brilliant at self-publishing. Why not literary writers? The answer may lie in the readership. Read More »

Interview with Catherine Astolfo, Author of ‘Sweet Karoline’


"I am fascinated by evil, by the psychopathology that leads people to harm others." Read More »

Will Amazon Change Television?

Amazon released a bunch of pilots, and are letting their customers decide what they want to watch. Read More »

How Amazon Killed Barnes & Noble, and Why We Don’t Care

The bigger they are, the harder they fall... Read More »

General Hospital Gears Up For 50th!

General Hospital gears up for their 50th Anniversary bash as fan favorites, vintage storlylines return and ratings soar! Read More »

An Interview with Trish Thorpe On Her Life And Her Just Released Memoir Fisheye

"I hope to spend the rest of my life writing about all the source material that I've been gathering." Read More »

Free Books on Amazon?

Listing your book on Amazon for free is gyping yourself. Read More »