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Health Care: Taking Control and Opting In

Individuals "opting in" for medical care rather than medical care being the default, is simple, realistic, and cost effective. Read More »

Remembering Koop

Former US surgeon general C. Everett Koop is remembered as a pioneer in many areas of health - including combining faith and practice. Read More »

Pioneers for Health

Being unafraid to step outside of the status quo when it comes to health care choices - that's being a pioneer for health. Read More »

It Started Out With Good Intentions, But…

Conversations, even within the family, can raise uncomfortable points – as in the case of health care decision-making. Read More »

Exploring Effective Pain Relief Options

Seeking alternative therapies to help with chronic pain. Read More »

CAM Qualifications: Or Are They sCAM?

Are students of Complementary and Alternative Medicine getting a raw deal? Read More »

Chiropractors in the Spotlight

British libel laws make it perilous for science journalists to challenge questionable therapies. Read More »