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DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who Inferno – Special Edition’


The story of Inferno is an important one, just as relevant today as when the episodes aired. Read More »

Interview: Mark McLarry – President of Alternative Power Productions

Alternative Power Productions is partnering with Outside Lands Festival for stages that use alternative energy. Read More »

Green Corruption: Department of Energy “Junk Loans” and Cronyism, Part One

House Oversight Investigation reveals that over 85% of the 27, including the 23 “Junk grade” DOE loans have "meaningful" political connections to President Obama and the Democratic Party. Read More »

Book Review: Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Energy by Alexis Madrigal

Understanding the history and idiosyncrasies of alternative energy. Read More »

Energy Independence, “Drill-Baby-Drill,” the Saudi Prince, and Fox News

Which one on the list doesn't belong? Read More »

Trouble in the Pipeline: Capitalism and the Oil Crisis

With oil prices soaring to new heights, only one thing can save American society from terminal malaise. Read More »

TV Preview: Powering the Future – The Energy Revolution

In a four-part series, Discovery presents the latest research on alternative energy sources. A powerful documentary! Read More »

Book Review: Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius and Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius by Gavin D. Harper

Aspiring 'evil geniuses' may mysteriously transform into crazy, careless scientists if they attempt to follow these instructions. Read More »

Removal of Dams Benefits People and Environment Alike

Dam! There goes another one! Read More »