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Prelude to the Battle of Uhud

Muhammed's (pbuh) expulsion of the Jews (i.e. the Banu Qaynuqa) from Medina, as well as the Qureish's hit-and-run tactics against the Muslims. Read More »

History of Islam: Badr – The Aftermath

The aftermath of the Battle of Badr, where the Prophet (pbuh) was firmly established as not only a spiritual leader, or a political leader, but a military man of note. Read More »

The Battle of Badr (Continued)

The Great Battle of Badr: How it started and the consequences for everyone involved Read More »

Impact of Islam (Part Two)

The impact of Islam when Muhammed (pbuh) escaped from the death threats of Qureish and entered the city of Medina. Read More »

Miracles of Islam

Miracles of Islam as experienced by the Prophet (pbuh), especially the revelation of Al-Quran. Read More »