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Child’s Possible Food Allergy Drives Dad to Learn More

One scary Saturday, a dad stumbles into discovering his young twins may be allergic to peanuts. Read More »

The Patient-Doctor Relationship in the Era of Healthcare Reform

Patients must work with their doctors for a healthier more productive lifestyle. Too often, a patient is looking for a “quick fix” and the doctor is limited on time to “fix” the problem. Read More »

Book Review: Beyond Disease Care: When Your Treatments Fail to Cure You by Walt Stoll, MD and Kathleen M. Diehl

Beyond Disease Care addresses some of the most common and vexing health issues of modern-day society. Read More »

Book Review: Vegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava Atlas

More than 200 delicious, festive recipes for special occasions Read More »

Are Your Migraines Your Fault?

From cell phones to energy drinks, your daily way of living could be causing your killer migraines. Read More »

Cat Hair is Good for You

I've watched my baby ingest more pet hair than I assumed was healthy, but it turns out I was wrong. As it turns out, he's building immunity. Read More »

Why Synthetic Fragrances Stink

Synthetic fragrances can cause allergies, irritation and other problems; Opt for naturally-fragranced or fragrance-free products instead. Read More »

Juicing My Way to a Balanced Diet

This allergy-sufferer and picky eater extraordinaire's dietary epiphany is brought to you by Jack LaLanne and his Power Juicer. Read More »